We are committed to shifting the energy paradigm from a model based on fossil-fuels and excess demand, to clean generation for all and minimal energy demand.


Our Mission

We facilitate the financing and implementation of Sustainable Energy Assets across multiple markets.

About Joule Assets

Joule Assets (Joule) actively empowers businesses, investors, communities, and individuals to capitalize on Sustainable Energy Assets in the US and Europe. Using our regulatory expertise, market intelligence, and performance-based financing approach, Joule negotiates cheaper, cleaner energy supply on behalf of communities in New York State. In Europe, Joule provides financing solutions and strategic support for Sustainable Energy Assets through our eQuad investment platform, catalysing the marketplace for project developers and investors. Each business unit – Joule Community Power and Joule Europe – supports Joule’s overarching mission to shift the energy paradigm towards clean generation and minimal demand for all.