Joule’s innovative ERA market tools and APIs are easy-to-use, seamlessly integrated white-label sales tools that can be leveraged by energy service, product and technology companies such as yours, to significantly enhance your value to your customers.

We’ll turn information you’re already collecting at your customer’s facility into a simple-to-understand report of real revenue and savings opportunities and a path to achieve them.

The ERA software suite offers a robust, query-able database that simplifies the often complex process of identifying DR programs by business location, facility size and type, energy consumption and curtailment parameters.

The system features:

• An intuitive, searchable database of more than 750 DR programs for load control and curtailment, peak pricing, pilot programs and more.

• Geographic targeting of DR initiatives by relevant zone, region and network.

• Complete descriptions of the programs and revenues available to your clients.


• Highlight cash flows and get the best DR deal

• Streamline with process maps and scoping items

• Submit RFPs, receive bids and compare them

• Access insight on the value of qualified upgrades

• Access financing, vendors and aggregators that consolidate buying power