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63% of 3000 surveyed contractors said they had difficulty obtaining financing for energy efficiency projects sized less than $250,000.

Access to Financing by Project Size

  • 62%
    Average project size below $50,000
  • 63%
    Average project size between $50,000 and $250,000
  • 35%
    Average project size between $250,000 and $500,000

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Joule Assets’ ERA financing can help you increase your sales, complete more projects, and grow.

Our financing vehicles mitigate performance and credit risks that have hindered financing for small-to-midsize energy efficiency and demand response projects.

Increase the value of your projects by harnessing our market expertise.

Our unique market tools equip us to uncover hidden revenue streams that are poorly understood by traditional financiers: incentives, rebates, efficiency certificates, and demand response programs. Incorporating these revenue streams makes your projects more valuable.

On or off-balance sheet. You decide.

On or off-balance sheet options give you greater flexibility.

Eliminate uncertainty.

Performance guarantees can be backed by insurance and ensure projects meet their energy savings projections, eliminating uncertainty.

We Understand Your Technology

Financing with Joule Assets enables you to close more close more deals and grow.