The Times they are a Changin’:
The Role of Pay for Performance Policies in
Energy Efficiency Market Transformation

Recent developments in California, embodied in law in AB802 and SB350 combine two policy initiatives with the potential to transform the market for energy efficiency upgrades. [...]

Summary: Smart Policy Ushering in New Energy Paradigm

Mike Gordon, CEO of Joule Assets and Co-Chair of Sustainable Westchester, published a byline in The Hill last month, “Smart Policy Ushering in a New Energy [...]

What is Cleantech?
Defining Joule’s Role in the Sector

Clean technology, often called Cleantech, is a term generally used to define technologies that either reduce or optimize the use of natural resources, while improving the [...]

Summer Package – a gift for consumers?

In our last post we presented ideas for fostering energy efficiency financing in the European Union. Energy efficiency is the core part of the planned Energy Union, [...]